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This document

This document is designed for genealogical researchers who are interested in research in the city of Lomza, Poland.


The 1992 Lomza Yizkor Book Index

In 1992 an effort was made to create an index of the "Sefer Zikaron Le Kehilat Lomza" (Lewinski, Y.T.,ed; 1952, Tel Aviv, Israel) also known as the Lomza Yizkor Book. The 1992 Index included mostly transliteration of the indices that the editors of the book has compiled themselves. These were a list of articles, a list of photos and some miscellaneous listings of residents of the Lomza and members of its Jewish community that seized to exist in 1942 during the Nazi occupation of Poland. The 1992 Index contains 1,150 records.

The 1995 Lomza Yizkor Book Addendum Index

The 2nd Lomza Index was created in 1995 as a complementary of the first one (1992). It includes every name of a Jewish person that is mentioned in the text of the book. It does not include, however, the names of the persons that are described in the list of photographs, list of contributors and writers, etc. Thus, any name found in the 1992 index is not directly duplicated in the 1995 compilation. Of course, since descriptions and photos go hand in hand, duplications do occur. Nonetheless, the attempt was to capture the names and memories of individuals not yet recorded in the "original" 1992 index. The 1995 Index contains some 4,250 records.




The index is organized by last name Soundex. Since there is only one variation of the last name's spelling, the readers are advised to take precaution when reading names that beginning with the following sounds:

Kh (Khet)ChKh, K
S (Samech)SSH
Tz (Tzadi)TzC,Cs,Z
O (Oh)OU
E (hEy)EA,V

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